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A/C Installation & Repair
Aftermarket A/C systems can be installed on most vehicles, newer, older and classic vehicles. A/C Parts: New and rebuilt compressors and clutches, new hoses (or we can rebuild yours), receiver driers, accumulators, expansion valves and orifice tubes, switches and etc. Repairs done on original equipment and aftermarket A/C systems.
Suspension, Shocks, Struts, Alignment
We do complete front and rear end inspections as well as the repairs on most vehicles.
Cruise Control Installation & Repair
Cruise control can be installed on most vehicles. We can install it or we have kits for the do-it-yourselfer. Repairs and parts for original equipment and aftermarket cruise for either manual or automatic transmissions.
Electrical Diagnosis & Repair
Engine performance, check engine lights, computer scope and diagnosis. Major and minor electrical diagnosis and repair on most vehicles.
Remote Start Installation & Repair
Start your vehicle from inside your home or office and have your vehicle warm in the winter and cool in the summer when you get in it. Also features a quick stop option so you can leave your vehicle running with full security while you make that quick stop!
Headlights, Brake & Interior Lights
We inspect and repair light systems on your vehicle.
Alarms, Keyless Entry Inst. & Repair
Keyless entries added to your vehicle with power door locks for two and four door vehicles. We also install security systems.
Starters, Alternators & Batteries
We carry batteries by Johnson Control (they have made the Sears Diehard and Interstate Batteries). For years we have found that these batteries out perform other batteries on a consistent basis. Do not pay for brand names and get the same thing under a generic name. We do a VAT Test (Volt - Amp Test) that checks your vehicle's starting system.
Power Windows Installation & Repair
Power windows repaired and two and four door kits installed on most vehicles.
Belts & Hoses
We recommend belts and hoses every 60,000 miles. Don't get stranded!
Power Door Locks Inst. & Repair
Power door locks repaired and two and four door kits installed on most vehicles. Add keyless entry to your power door lock system.
30-60-90 Maintenance
We follow manufacturers guidelines for your vehicle maintenance requirements.
Heating & Cooling Systems
New heater core, radiator and anything else you may need for your cooling system. We can remove and have your radiator repaired or replaced. We can pressure test or dye test your cooling system.
Oil Leaks & Engine Repair
We perform minor and major repairs to your engine. We can dye test or steam clean your vehicle for oil leaks.
Oil Changes & Tune Up
Lube, oil and filter changes with a full inspection done on most vehicles. Minor or major tune-ups can be done or have vehicle diagnostically checked out for run ability problems.
Transmission & Clutch
We perform minor and major repairs as well as maintenance services to your transmission and clutch.
Brakes & Axles
We do complete brake service including on the car rotor machining for the best possible matching. We also do inspections of your axles for boots and joints.
Tires available at competitive prices with computer balancing. We can inspect and rotate your tires.

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