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Savings Plus

We appreciate our customers and recognize that you are our best form of advertising. We are also aware that the economy has strapped a lot of our good customers as well as us.  We also want to assure you that we will be around to take care of your vehicles and warranty our work.  We are confident that the economy will turn around and improve in the long term. To help us and our customers get through the short term we are implementing 3 programs to save you money and help us be more efficient in our operations to cut our costs without cutting our quality of parts or service.


  1. SavingsThe SAVINGS:  It is an annual card will save you 10%* on service and parts all year long or 15%* in the following periods: 2/1 to 4/15, 9/1 to 11/15.  Your part is to register the card with us by giving us your email address so we can contact you periodically with specials and new product or service promotions without the expense of mailings. (We promise not sell your email & information)
  2. The PLUS: We want you to come back to us for all your vehicle needs so we will track your purchases on the back of the card and when you have accumulated $1500.00 in purchase in 2009 you can exchange the card for $50.00 store credit on your next visit. We will give you a new card too. Have the card with you when you have service performed.
  3. The REFERRAL PROGRAM:  Advertising is very expensive and you can help us by giving us the best advertising there is, and that is your referrals. You can also benefit 2 ways:
    1. Use the referral introduction form.  Give it to a friend and when they have work done and turn it in, we will do a drawing from all the forms turned in every 90 days for a $25.00 gas card. Both you and the person you referred will be getting a card if your referral is drawn.
    2. If you have a registered SAVINGS PLUS CARD and you bring the new customer in and introduce them personally we will give both of you credit for the 1st purchase they make on the Savings Plus Card's accumulated purchases.  You can also share the card with other family members or friends if you wish.

*Certain Restrictions apply.  See store for details.

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